Is It Possible That Insulin Resistance Is Making You Gain Weight?

Although insulin resistance usually isn’t the rate limiting factor for people wishing to lose weight, it can be a nasty thorn in your side if you have it.

The bad news is that many people do not know how to combat it.

So here is how to make sure insulin resistance isn’t a thorn in your side:

1. Make resistance training your best friend: Of all the different exercise modalities, resistance training is the best way to reverse the ill effects of insulin resistance. You see, resistance training causes changes in the walls of your cells that counteract insulin resistance.

2. Have slow carbs: The slowest digesting carbs aren’t whole grains, they are beans and legumes. And slower digestion will drive down blood sugar which is the best antidote for insulin resistance. So try to focus your carb intake on legumes.

3. Avoid sugar: Especially liquid sugar like sodas and smoothies. You see, liquefied forms of sugar digest so rapidly that they are bound to make an existing case of insulin resistance much worse. So always strive to avoid liquid calories.

4. Use balance in all of your meals: The more balance here the better. You see, each food group interacts with each other in ways that slow down digestion. If you leave out just one food group, your results will be compromised.

5. Stabilize your sleeping patterns: Your sleeping patterns and circadian rhythms have a strong hold on how hormones function and get secreted in your body. In fact, poor sleep can directly affect levels of insulin resistance.

6. Ramp up vegetable intake: Increasing your intake of vegetables is a great way to slow down digestion rates further. You see, vegetables play a unique role in digestion since they mechanically slow down how fast you break things down in your stomach.

Even if you aren’t insulin resistant, following the above advice will help you get in shape faster. So stop waiting and start doing right now!

Writer Katherine Crawford, an exercise expert and recent arm fat sufferer, instructs on how to do superb arm exercises for women. Unearth how to get sexy arms by exploring her blog with advice on how to lose arm fat rapidly now!

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