is it ok to take multiple supplements at once?

is it ok to take a multivitamin, probiotic supplement, and cranberry supplement pill at the same time? will they work as effectively? thanks!

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  1. I would avoid taking the probiotic supplement at the same time as the others – maybe take the probiotic before bed, and the multi-v and cranberry when you wake up?

  2. probiotics are risky.. did YOUR dr tell you to take them or did you see them on an infomercial / web ad by a "dr"??

    i have seen 3 people get infection / swelling of the intestines and colon, out of 10 that i know that took that stuff…

  3. I don't think it's good to take too many thing at the same time

  4. This is great! Now I want to see your ways for us readers to become more involved! Expect an email later today.

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