Is Determination Only Able To Defeat Addiction

Addiction is one of the one of the curious behaviors that has faced society since when it was first recognized as a problem. Initially the term addiction was limited to substances that caused a chemical change on the body such as drugs or alcohol which made it very difficult for the user to stop taking or using them.

However in today’s society the use of this term has been expanded to include other types of addictions or compulsions such as addiction to food, shopping, pleasure or just about anything which someone does excessively and without the ability or desire to exercise restraint or even stop.

In the United Stated the problem of addiction and drug use is especially rampant despite concerted efforts by the government to tackle the problem through rigorous drug enforcement laws and rehabilitation programs. The social and economic effects of drugs are apparent in broken homes and the loss of jobs due to drug use.

Examples of programs like methadone maintenance that were introduced to help people addicted to heroin off the drug have had some success with many addicts able to reduce or altogether stop abusing heroin. However, some addicts on the program have ended up being addicted to the methadone that was supposed to have helped them in the first place. A lot of the time this is due to the suffering caused by methadone withdrawal symptoms.

Many at times people may wonder why they just can’t stop using this drug or kick a bad habit by their sheer will power or determination. A lot of times making a decision does seem to work for a short period of time before a relapse happens and the person finds himself back again.

One of the causes for such things is the fact that addictions are caused by a number of factors some of which may not be so obvious. So to find true freedom from an addiction you need to find out what the underlying cause for it might be e,g It may be due to depression, self hate, stress, loneliness etc. It is also worth noting that in the case of drugs and alcohol a chemical reaction occurs in the body making it harder to just stop

Willpower is simply not enough to overcome an addiction, further investigation into the cause of the addiction is likely to bring about a more permanent solution.

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