Is Chiropractic Safe After Back Surgery?

Many patients who are required to receive chiropractic care after back surgery often have trepidations regarding the necessary procedures. However, as long as the chiropractor is experienced and skilled, there is absolutely nothing to fear.

Chiropractic treatment after back surgery is 100% safe. Following back surgeries, it has become common practice to undergo chiropractic treatment so as to relieve stiffness and pain caused by poor alignment of the vertebrae.

Fortunately for patients recovering from surgery, there are many chiropractors NYC who are highly skilled in post-surgical treatments. Following a surgery to the back, patients must receive adequate care and treatment during the rehabilitation period so as to ensure the success of the patient’s procedure. Because of alignment issues following surgery in the vertebrae as well as stiffness in the muscles, it is not uncommon for patients to experience unnecessarily long recovery times. In order to ensure a quick recovery of the joints, chiropractic care is often used to stimulate fluid flow in the back.

Surgery to the back, although sometimes necessary, leads in turn to additional damage to the surrounding tissues. A thorough examination of the back and the surrounding areas is essential to forming a treatment plan that will most benefit the patient. MRI scans and X-rays may also be performed by the chiropractor in order to determine how your body is healing from the surgery you received.

Chiropractors, in order to ensure that they are performing the necessary procedures and treatment required for successful rehabilitation, receive targeted training in the realm of post-surgical patients. “Homework” exercises and soft-tissue therapies may also be a necessary aspect of rehabilitation. At-home routines will typically consist of exercises that are designed to strengthen both the body’s core as well as the back.

Because back surgeries have increased in frequency, rehabilitation needs have increased as well. Unfortunately, because many patients do not receive the necessary care after their surgeries, it is all too common for the pain to continue several months or even years after surgery. A professional chiropractor, through post-surgical chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation, can help patients to recover far more speedily from their back surgeries.

Another common problem after surgery is the need to adjust posture so as to alleviate pain in certain areas of the body. Receiving the appropriate post-surgical care can help to alleviate both the pain as well as muscle stiffness. Heal your body more speedily and safely with the help of a skilled chiropractor. Discover added mobility and pain relief throughout your healing process with the help of post-surgical chiropractic care.

Dr. Steven Schram has been a practicing chiropractor for more than twenty years. You can watch this short video about chiropractic after back surgery to get more answers to your questions.

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