Is Affiliate Marketing Right For Me?

There are more and more people attempting to earn money on the Internet every day. Lots of them are from the West, but even more are from developing countries. Some people from the West are scared of the economic downturn and are searching for a backup to their current career and others dream of the millions that the the media likes to say that teenagers are earning on the web.

People from developing countries can triple their wages by working on line. After all, if the family is earning $1 a day, they should be able to earn three more on line, they reason. That is just one affiliate sale a week in lots of cases at the normal rate of 10% of sale price.

Affiliate marketing is the most common means of attempting to make money on line for a number of reasons. The first reason is because it is the easiest way to get started and the second is that many people are worried about composing – particularly in English, if English is not their first tongue. Creating a web site is not a problem to many surfers who use the Net a lot.

Beginners to the Internet imagine that earning money on line is as easy as copying a few affiliate links on to a web page and spamming the world with their URL. This tactic does not work, but it is a reason for so much of the junk email in your inbox each day.

There are professional spammers and even criminals on line for certain, but there are also hundreds of millions of hopeful teenagers sending out emails from cyber cafes all around the world.

The problems for these young affiliate marketing hopefuls is basically twofold. The difficulty of not being able to write a credible page of prose in English, more on which later and a lack of cash and particularly an International credit card.

These aspects are concerns, practically insurmountable concerns because being able to compose is indispensable to the best form of marketing and being able to pay by credit card is indispensable to the other best methods of marketing.

The number one all time best method of achieving affiliate sales is to write a personal recommendation on a product based on personal experience with that product. So, if you cannot purchase the product and you cannot write, you have big problems indeed. It is a gaffe that most affiliate marketers make, to think that they have to compose a sales page.

No, no and no, you do not. In most instances the firm you are selling for has spent hundreds if not thousands on persuasive sales pages written by copywriters. You would have to be very good to beat their efforts. Your job as an affiliate is to pre-sell by composing a page about your experience with the object and providing a forward link to the sales page.

If you cannot do that, you can have a go at the next best ways: PPC (pay per click) – you pay for every click on your ad whether that leads to a sale or not. Adsense is the number one promoter here. PPI (pay per impression) – you pay every time your advert appears on the publisher’s network, whether it leads to a sale or not. In both cases, you need a credit card.

This is why there is so much junk email, there are millions of hopefuls who cannot write well enough in English and/or who do not have a credit card to pay for the alternatives.

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