Is 98% Right a good deal of the Time Rush Limbaugh Wrong on his Recent Rant?

I point out that I?m not a Rush Limbaugh fan and do not listen to his talk show. And I do notice that Limbaugh is commonly brash and asserts insulting things. Having said that, is he wrong to pipe up on another potential government giveaway when the government is at the brink insolvency, and is so deeply in debt that it would most likely take a miracle to resolve the national debt problem? I for one don?t think he is wrong essentially, and if so , only in his choice of words.

His biggest mistake, seemingly, was calling a young law student co-ed a slut. I’m against name calling and don’t do it, but is this yet another matter of being politically correct when referring to a conservative talk show host? There had been a time in the history of this country when promiscuity was morally wrong and would never be embraced by the media let alone the president of the United States.The stories media answered by mentioning that the only one wrong in this matter is the man behinf the mic. Therefore have things modified so much morally in this country until it’s now accepted as correct for a young lady to want $3,000 greenbacks worth of contraception in a 3 year course of law college and request tax payers to foot the bill? That’s the number one point Limbaugh is making from what I understand. And contrary to the news media and the president, that may be a very good point.

I do nott know Sandra Fluke and certainly don’t know her character, but to request the law makers to include $3,000 worth of assistance for each university female for contraception for sex outside of wedding on the grounds of stopping unwanted pregnancies seems to me to be making an attempt to right one wrong with another which makes no sense. And since when is it too much to expect young women to take the responsibility for their own health by avoiding sexual activity that put them in harm’s way of contacting sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancies

The question was asked. “Is a lady a slut because she takes contraception pills? ” Naturally not unless she is planning on having illicit sex outside of wedding and even then under the new morality she wouldn’t be regarded as a slut. Nevertheless without reference to the liberal media and liberal politicians, the moral code of ethics has not changed unless you’re ready to declare our culture paganistic.

There are still some in our society, who hold to the moral ethics of the Bible, and it does not go down nicely to be forced to pay the bill for promiscuity; it’s an intrusion on religious liberty. It has to be expounded also it’s not a case of trying to force any person to accept any moral code but instead refusing to accept the responsibility of financing a moral code that is unacceptable according to Christian principles. How Miss Fluke comes to a decision to live her life is her business, but it becomes my business if I’m asked to defend and sponsor any actions I determine to be immoral.

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