iPledge for Accutane

People who experience acne are surely aware of the benefits of Accutane. This drug is perhaps the most reputable medication in treating acne. Nonetheless, it became famous not only because of the benefits but because of the intriguing adverse reactions as well. Moreover, the controversy is even supplemented by what the medias are providing to the society. But one fact regarding the drug is that it is not indicated for pregnancy since it can trigger birth defects.

Added Restrictions:

Since more and more Americans are taking this drug, the number of babies suffering from defects escalates as well. To lessen this incidence, individuals taking Accutane including those who prescribe it must enroll in the national registry.

Enrolling in an iPledge computer system is mandatory starting December 31, 2006 if a person wishes to take the drug Accutane. Moreover, even doctors who prescribe the drug and pharmacies selling it must enroll as well. With regards to pharmacies, they won’t be able to receive more supplies of Accutane if they won’t register.

Added rules for women:

With regards to women taking Accutane, they are required to follow additional rules. They must first undergo a pregnancy test. This test should be implemented in the doctor’s clinic and in the laboratory which means that home pregnancy tests are not valid. Moreover, the doctor should indicate in the iPledge system regarding the negative result and the drug should be bought within 7 days. Should the woman continue to take Accutane, a monthly pregnancy test is mandatory.

Another rule they must follow while taking Accutane is to use two birth control methods and must also include it in the registry. Even though a woman can lie about this, the system is a clear indication about the possible adverse reactions of Accutane.

Even when buying the drug at the pharmacy, the pharmacist must never fail to check the computer if the person has implied with the rules prior to buying the product.

FDA has estimated that approximately 100,000 Accutane prescriptions are filled every month. According to FDA, more than 2,000 women who took Accutane were detected to be pregnant. Most of them resulted to a miscarriage or abortion. Moreover, more than 160 babies were delivered with birth defects.

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