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  1. antiswattt says:

    weak.. -.-‘

  2. No way… I just can do that three times a day

  3. wow. about all i can say… wow!

  4. his lower body is much lighter than the top making it easier for him to do all that. but all in all he is pretty big… idk too many people that could do that.

  5. matthindrarr says:

    That’s amazing. So inspirational 😮

  6. Master5388130 says:

    you could play his abs like a fucking xylophone…

  7. Do you think this is his whole workout?

  8. ezekielwahwah says:

    Now that’s strong. Pure entertainment and discipline. My congratulations.

  9. Holly fucking shit this dude is a bad ass.

  10. GuitarFilip says:

    I could probably do those things on the moon!

  11. zachary5787 says:

    god damn! no wonder he’s ripped

  12. Poopster1337 says:

    I bet he has a small penis from all those steroids

  13. “this shit is bananas”

  14. toshiba009 says:

    she’s a freakin beast than lol

  15. ha! my grandma can do all that just before dinner ofc..

  16. michael02601 says:

    wualll this proves that all you need is a little brain and lots of testosterone, what my black friend in the video has it all..

  17. all the focus on torso and arms and nothing on the legs. do you think he can lift anything standing?

  18. bumpin1ohm says:

    Motivation!! WOW! Bruh is strong and exrtremely disciplined in his routine. SHit!! Imma about to drop and do 50 just from watchin this!! Thanks for sharin

  19. maximuszaidi says:


  20. TheBlizard644 says:

    he should do the olympics

  21. brianaguiar1981 says:

    He should join the circus

  22. wtf.. thats so damn impressive!!!!!

  23. That was pretty damn impressive.

  24. How do you get this strong?

  25. its bananas!!
    cause i aint no holla back girl!!!!

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