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Teeth whitening is fast becoming the most popular cosmetic procedure. A great smile is worth a million words and the whiter the smile the more beautiful the words. Unfortunately, throughout life, everybody will notice discoloration taking place. There are a lot of reasons for this, aside from diet and smoking. A person can choose to whiten their smile with two basic procedures. Teeth whitening NYC will help.

Age is a direct correlate of teeth coloration and with advancing age they tend to become a more yellow brown or green gray shade. This happens because with use the enamel wears and tears and this makes pockets where stains harbor. The older the person the more discoloring occurs. Changes are noticeable as young as fifteen. By the time a person hits their mid twenties most will be displeased with how much discoloration has taken place. The more advanced in years these stains are, the harder they are to get rid of.

Genetics plays a role as well. Some people have teeth that are more translucent and thinner than other people and this makes them more vulnerable to damage. Foods high in acid like citrus and vinegars does even more damage. Everybody can notice this more in the front area in contrast to the molars in the back.

Certain foods ruin a white smile. These include those that are high in acid and drinks like wine, tea and coffee. Smoking, drug use and excessive fluoride is also damaging. Things that create cracks like trauma and jaw grinding create havens for debris and dirt.

The situation is easily remedied and people often rarely ever dissatisfied with the results. There are two basic remedies. One is named bleaching. This remedy requires that a bleach, like peroxide, is used and although the final color is not natural it is stunning.

The other kind is called whitening. This is the more popular choice because the whiteness is a natural color. Also, it is less harmful. What is done is the removal of dirt and debris which get stuck in little micro cracks.

Nearly every dentist will offer both choices. Afterward, follow up maintenance is usually required. An older person will have to go get more touch ups than someone younger, but each person will see satisfactory results and feel secure in showing off a smile. Read more about: Teeth Whitening NYC

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