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Dentures are important to those who have lost their teeth. Dentures are a replacement for teeth. What? When you lose your teeth and an older age they do no come back. That is why there are things like dentures. Mainly for the elderly but not always dentures come in handy. You can lose a tooth from an accident (usually all of them) and get replacement dentures that work as your teeth.

They are prosthetic devices that are constructed out of materials to replace the missing teeth in your mouth. They are supported by the hard and soft tissues of your mouth/oral cavity. Most dentures are removable and that is what people like about them. There are so many different denture designs as the years go on as technology progresses that deciding what type you need is up to you.

What do they need to stay in your mouth? This is an important question to those who do not know or are in the process of getting them. Some dentures rely on a bonding agent like a product called “Fixodent”. It is a denture adhesive that is cream like and is used to keep your dentures in place. Fixodent has zinc in it to help keep the dentures in place. This is so you can talk, eat, chew with out the worry of your dentures falling out. That would become an embarrassing moment. Using products like Fixodent is important and even more important to follow the directions properly. There have been many lawsuits regarding the over consumption of zinc due to overuse of Fixodent.

Always use products with chemicals correctly. Follow their directions and instructions. If you were to misuse Fixodent and for an excessive and prolonged period of time the intake of zinc can become a problem. It has been noted and reported that is is associated with many other serious health problems. It is always important to read instructions on any product you are going to use. The lawsuits that have occurred because of Fixodent are very serious and very important.

Zinc is very bad for you. It can cause a lot of problems. Zinc poisoning has become an issue with people using Fixodent for their dentures. Doctors have been misdiagnosing and completely ignoring their patients complaints about symptoms related to zinc poisoning. If you have been having symptoms of zing poisoning it would be a good idea to contact an attorney and see what your options are.

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