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Cosmetic and also reconstructive surgery forms part of plastic surgery Vernon Hills. The procedures that are available vary greatly. The available procedures are not only able to change your general appearance, it will make it possible for you to appear many years younger. The results could improve your self confidence.

Reconstructive surgery is performed on body structures that are abnormal. These abnormalities may have been caused by congenital defects, infection, trauma, disease, or inadequate development. This type of operation is normally carried out to help the patient achieve a normal appearance and to improve function.

Cosmetic surgery is undergone in order to change the structure of certain sections of the body. This is normally undertaken to improve appearance and to boost self-esteem. There are many options available in this field, depending upon your requirements and desires.

One of the more popular procedures is breast augmentation. This procedure is undertaken to enhance the size or shape of the breasts. It is suitable for both females and males. Another popular procedure is rhinoplasty. This procedure aids in the correction of frontal and profile views of the nose. It will also ensure a better balance of proportion of the nose. This operation can be used to adjust or rectify a narrow or wide nose, reduce an over-sized nose, or change an undesirable nasal tip shape.

A facelift can be undergone to minimize extensive wrinkling of the skin on the face. This may have been caused by over exposure to the sun, the normal aging process, or weight fluctuations. It is often the case that individuals choose to undergo a facelift in combination with other facial procedures.

At the same time as undergoing plastic surgery Vernon Hills facelift procedures, it is possible to include lower or upper eyelid procedures. A facelift will result in tightening of the skin, but will not make any difference to the skin’s texture. It may be necessary to have skin resurfacing done to alleviate acne scars, skin age spots, or smoker’s creases.

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