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Cataracts surgery San Francisco is undergone by millions of people each year, and they achieve excellent results. This condition is caused by the clouding of the usually clear lens of your eye. It is a requirement to undergo surgery to remove the clouding as it cannot be removed by drops or laser.

The light which passes through the eye is scattered due to the lens clouding. The scattering causes poor night vision, light or glare sensitivity, blurry vision, the need for brighter light to read, and fading of vibrant colors. The procedure to rectify the problem is a simple one.

A tiny incision will be made in your eye. An instrument, about a pen tip size, will be inserted through this incision. Your surgeon will either use gentle pulses of liquid to allow washing away of the lens or use ultrasound to break up and remove the lens. Once the removal is complete, the lens has to be replaced. An artificial lens, called an intraocular lens, will be implanted to do the work of your own lens.

Previously, the only choice available to patients was a lens implant that could correct either far or near vision. This meant that the multitude of people who were 50 plus years of age and suffered from presbyopia still needed spectacles for distance vision or reading. The new multifocal implants mean that patients may not need spectacles again. The procedure to implant both lenses is the same. The main difference is the vision that it will provide.

You will be able to go home on the day that you undergo surgery, but will not be able to drive. The surgical incisions made are very small and no sutures are required. Your vision should begin to improve within a few days.

If the cataracts surgery San Francisco needs larger surgical incision, the healing could take up to two months. Keep your eye area clean. It is important that you contact the surgeon should you experience increased eye redness, spots in front of the eyes, nausea, pain, or vision loss. Read more about: cataracts surgery san francisco

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