Information About An Audiometer Hearing Test

An audiometer is a device that is used when evaluating hearing loss. This equipment is common in clinics that diagnose ear, throat and nose problems. It is also found in audiology centers. The components that make up an audiometer include a hardware unit, headphones as well as a feedback system that is used by the test subject. At times an ordinary PC can be used for controlling the entire system. Standards are set to control the test procedure and the device requirements.

There are various types of audiometers. Some are PC based and they can be operated by just about anyone. They are commonly used at home by people who want to evaluate their hearing. Devices that are used in audiology centers are very efficient and accurate. They are also very expensive. They are well calibrated and this is why they are more precise.

If you experience problems with your hearing you need to go for a test. An audiometer hearing test is very accurate and it helps doctors to know how severe your loss is. Doctors begin by giving you basic tests to evaluate whether your ears are working. Tuning forks are mostly used when getting started. If the initial screening indicates your problem is serious you can now take the audiometer test.

The evaluation is thorough and it involves a series of tests. The audiologists should ask you several questions to find out what is likely to be the cause of your hearing problem. Your medical history will also be evaluated. Questions related to your work might also come up. After this the actual test will then be done.

You need to wear a pair of headphones before getting started. Make sure that you place them over the ears properly. They should block all other sounds from the room. When you are ready you should start receiving sounds from the headphones. The sound will hit the ears one at a time. This is because the test should evaluate both ears individually. This way, specialists can determine whether you have a problem in one ear or both of them.

Sound is changed to different frequencies and levels. This is important to determine which levels you are able to hear and at which frequencies. You can use the feedback button to communicate with the audiologist. Alternatively, he or she may tell you to raise your hand up when you hear sounds. The tones change all the time.

When you do not hear sounds there is no cause to panic. This is normal because the specialist needs to figure out the lowest sound that you are able to hear. This test will determine the level of hearing loss you are experiencing. From the results doctors will know whether you need another thorough test. Take your time during the test and provide accurate information.

Whenever you have a hearing problem it is advisable to do an audiometer hearing test. This will determine how serious your problem is and the kind of treatment options you have. You may need to go for a more specialized screening to determine the treatment options that you will be comfortable with.

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