Information About A Physical Therapist Sterling VA Residents Should Know

In looking for the services of a physical therapist Sterling VA residents should be well conversant with what their job entails. They provide services that help in restoration of function, improvement of mobility, pain relief and prevention of permanent physical disability in individuals suffering from various injuries or disease. They help in promotion and maintenance of overall fitness and health. Among their patients are accident victims and people that have disabling conditions like arthritis, heart disease and fractures.

To begin with, the medical history of the patients is examined. This is done together with measurement of strength, motor functions and posture. After this, plans are developed to be used to form strategy of treatment and the outcome that is expected. Through setting of the treatment strategy, the patient is effectively taken care of.

One of the options of treatment is exercise. This is especially applicable for those that have lost ability to move and lack flexibility, endurance or strength. They encourage their patients to use their muscles for purposes of enhancing their range of motion and flexibility. Exercises that are more advanced lay focus on improvement of strength, coordination and balance. This is aimed at improving functioning of the individual at home and at work.

In order to relieve pain and reduce swelling, physical therapists use electrical stimulation, ultrasound, hot packs and cold compresses. Improvement of circulation and flexibility is achieved by deep-tissue massage and traction. Further, the therapists teach patients how to use crutches and prostheses. Patients are also taught how to do home exercises. As treatment continues, the progress of the patient is documented and periodic examinations conducted.

Physical therapists work hand in hand with numerous other professionals. Some of these include audiologists, educators, nurses and dentists. There are professionals in this field that treat various ailments and injuries, while others specialize in specific fields. The fields of specialization include physical therapy, neurology and pediatrics.

Physical therapists practice in clinics, private offices and hospitals.The profession is very demanding since many at times they would have to crouch, kneel, stand or stoop for lengthy periods of time. Besides, they normally have to move equipment that is very heavy. The working hours of a full time therapist are approximately 40 per week, though there are those that offer round the clock services.

As concerns training, they are required to possess a Masters degree and obtain a license before they are able to practice. For one to apply for licensure, they must have graduated from institutions that are accredited. The programs begin with basic courses in sciences like chemistry, physics and biology. A license is obtained after one passes a national exam for physical therapists. Some states would give an extra exam.

In consideration of the services of a physical therapist Sterling VA residents can access them through many ways. The internet is one of the most popular ways to get access to these therapists as most of them advertise their services online. Some of them also make use of the print and electronic media. Therefore, it is evident that getting their services is quite easy.

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