Info Concerning Breast Implants Eugene Oregon

The decision to purchase breast implants in Eugene Oregon is a very personal one and one that should be researched thoroughly before reaching a determination. There are many issues to consider, and you should investigate each facet of the procedure before proceeding.

There are predominantly two types of implants – smooth and textured. The smooth have a slightly higher incidence of rippling, but less of contracture (the scar tissue tightens around the implant and causes hardness). The textured implant is just the opposite. Research shows it has a lower rate of contracture, but a higher one of rippling.

The placement of the implant, partially beneath the muscle in the chest, (sub muscular) reduces the chance both of these issues – but increases post surgery pain and recovery time. The other choice for placement is sub- mammary, which is beneath the breast tissue, but above the chest muscle. The patient must decide where she would like them placed. Each location has particular advantages, depending on the tissues of the patient and her expectations.

Size is always one of the most important concerns prior to having the surgery. The current bra size may have an impact on the feasibility of larger implant sizes. This is a discussion that should happen with your doctor. Before the operation, the patient should observe different sizes on other women to help them make their decision.

There are many plastic surgeons in practice all over the world. One would be wise to seek information from the plastic surgery organizations, ask for references, and check for malpractice suits before making a selection. Word of mouth, and patient reviews can be most helpful in making sure of a good choice.

This surgery can be a very successful procedure that leaves a patient with a more positive outlook and higher self esteem. You would be wise to adhere to all previous and post surgery orders to increase your satisfaction with the results. Help is available from breast implants in Eugene Oregon.

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