Indoor Tanning Lotions – What You Should Know

If a tanner is planning on going to use a tanning bed, he or she should always use good indoor tanning lotions. Tanning without the use of a suitable lotion will not allow you to get your fullest tanning experience. Sometimes it seems like tanning lotions can be quite expensive and pointless. Expensive, maybe but definitely not pointless. Different lotions are made to do different things.

Choosing the right tanning lotions and understanding what the tanning lotions are designed to do can be overwhelming and quite confusing. There are basically three different kinds of indoor tanning lotion.

Accelerators, Bronzers, and Tinglers.

The first type of tanning lotion is a basic accelerator. An accelerator is a lotion that will boost the level of tanning cells in your skin. These are great for a starter with pale or sensitive skin. Many of these accelerators have great anti-aging elements in them.

Bronzers are the second type of indoor tanning lotion. They are becoming hugely popular lately. Bronzers have a product called DHA in them that actually dye your skin. These are very suptle changes and do not look at all orange or fake. You do have to be careful while applying a bronzer lotion because if applied the wrong way or unevenly it could look streaky. You may also want to wait a few hours after using the bronzer to shower.

The third type of tanning lotion is a tingler. These should be used with caution and only by experienced tanners. Some say to test a small portion of skin before using on your whole body and this is a good idea.

Tingler tanning lotions can range from very low tingle factor to a high tingle factor, which again should only be used by an experienced tanner with a good base tan. Tingler lotions work by increasing the melanin in your skin and causing you to tan faster than you normally would. Sometimes they will have a bad effect on a sensitive skin and be extremely uncomfortable.

These are just the general categories that indoor tanning lotions can be divided into, but there are dozens of lotions which contain added ingredients such as Hemp and after tan moisturizers. There are even tanning lotions that are manufactured only for your face, called facial tanning lotions. Depending on your preferences and skin type you can decide what kind of tanning lotion is right for you.

After tanning it is a good idea to avoid being in the sun for some time because your skin still has residue left from the tanning lotion which would further accelerate the effects of UV rays on your skin and might cause you to burn. After a few days, you may be ready to bask in the sun as you normally would, but you should remember to use extra sun block for your protection. Always remember to use a good moisturizer after tanning so your skin does not dry out.

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