Independent Living With A Disabled Bath

A disabled bath can provide independence for an individual with disabilities by restoring a measure of mobility to them. Rather than struggle getting into and out of the bathtub, there are key products available to make that transition considerably easier. They come in a wide range of designs, so choosing the appropriate one is the only task.

Having bathes requires a deal of privacy for a person to feel like they’ve achieved independence. To provide this privacy, there are devices that can help the person into and out of the tub or shower. Electronic, automatic and manual systems improve mobility between the two states of being in and out of the bathtub. Furthermore, these apply to the elderly and infirm as well.

Bathtubs can be exceedingly difficult to get into and out of, due to their low, deep design. However, some types offer the user the chance to simply walk into it and sit down. Offered in a number of sizes and shapes, there is no climbing in or out required. They simply get in, sit down, then fill the bath.

For traditional bathtubs where one lies down, hydraulic and powered options can be applied. One example is the chair lift. It’s attached to the side of the tub, then carries the person across the edge and lowers them gently into the water. It can be further improved by lifting the person’s legs.

An alternate design of this provides support rather than replacement for the actions of climbing in and out. A lift can raise and lower the person out of and into the tub. Additionally, they can provide back support to decrease and increase the incline when in the bathtub.

A disabled bath is a great way to restore a measure of independence to a person with disabilities. It allows them to bathe in privacy without someone else there to help them in and out. Advice can be provided by companies as to which would be most suitable for a particular disability.

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