Increase muscle mass while doing cardio to lower my body fat?

I’m trying to achieve muscle definiton and need to increase muscle mass and lower my body fat…is it best to do some low intensity cardio say 2 or 3 times a week, in between weight exercises?

I’ve heard people say you cannot lose weight and increase muscle at the same time – so should i lose weight first, then increase muscle mass??

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  1. you cant loose wieght and build muscle, cos muscle ways 3x as much as fat, so your likely to put on weight if you do cardio 3/7 days inbetween your weight workouts. So dont worry, you can tell your loosing weight cos your arms define, and your stomache becomes flat and if you work hard you get a six pack..

    so my view is, do cardio and weights, and remember to do alot of core workouts, research this. you need to strengthen your back and abs before you start working the arms and legs, and chest..

    and also dont worry if you dont loose weight or gain wait, it happens no matter what, you will loose weight for maybe a week, and then it will pile on in the form of muscle.

  2. lars12801 says:

    it is possible to build muscle mass and definition at the same time but it is not as easy to do both at the same time, my suggestion is to work on muscle definition for now since summer is right around the corner and you want to look your best with your shirt off, you can work on muscle mass when it starts getting cold again. try to up your cardio with high intensity it is the best for shedding lbs, when you do cardio at High intensity for 30-40 minutes you will continue to burn calories for hours after your workout as opposed to low intensity where you stop burning calories as soon as you stop working.. now when you start building mass you’ll back off the cardio to low intensity just so you don’t gain a bunch of fat, you want to use those calories for the weights… good luck

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