In This Post I Will Be Looking At The Fit Yummy Mummy Weight Loss Program

Babies are truly a miracle, but when ladies end up gaining excess weight during there pregnancy they normally have a hard time getting it off after the child is born. Most women who have had a baby, never feel that they will be able to shed all their baby weight. What tends to make this overweight problem even worse for some ladies is that they have never been overweight previously.

However the particular Fit Yummy Mummy is a plan that can help all you new mothers lose that excess weight. One thing you will realize is that this is not just another weight reducing system. The Fit Yummy Mummy method has been developed for new mothers that want to reduce the baby fat.

Your originator of this program, Holly Rigsby, was right where you are now and needed to drop the baby weight. Holly, similar to most women that are pregnant, had cravings during her pregnancy, and just couldn’t handle them. This lead to Holly putting on 50 pounds during her pregnancy and she needed and wished to lose that excess weight.

Holly discovered that walking 45 minutes each day and adjusting the rates of speed of her walks helped her to reduce some of the weight, but she wanted to find something that could do this in less time. Soon Holly was unable to walk everyday and she began to do some research in intensity level workouts to find a way to exercise less and shed more weight.. Holly learned from a person she met that there is something referred to as “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption” that could help her raise her metabolism for 24 to 48 hours even after her exercising was done.

The best component is that the workouts involved are more intense, so the amount of time you have to exercise is tremendously reduced. Actually when you break it down you are able to reach the level you’ll need, doing just 15 minute workouts every day. If you have a look at their website you may be surprised, as I was, at all the ladies who were able to use this plan effectively.

One of the testimonials in reality comes from a weight loss educator and instructor, who used Holly’s program to get her own body back to her pre-baby weight and fitness level. And if you are thinking that you have had a couple of children and there is nothing that can be done, you will still find that this program will help you. This plan is only available on the net and is currently being offered for $39. 95, and when you realize that this program will actually work you will see what a bargain this really is.

The TWO month, money back guarantee is usually something that many women like about this program. This is great simply because you can use this system for 2 months to see if this will work for you. And if you find that this program is not for you, you simply get in touch with Holly and she provides you with a no hassle refund.

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