Improve Your Well Being With Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (NHRT)

Your health and well being could be improved a lot when you begin using natural hormone replacement therapy. Your body balances your hormones in it’s own particular way. When the hormones are in perfect balance, the bodily functions run more smoothly. If the balance is off, it is going to lead to problems. This is when therapies become necessary to supplement the body’s efforts and restore balance. This treatment use hormones which that been clinically proven to be safe and are, at the molecular level, the same as the ones that your body produces. The main reason behind incorporating them is for supplementation of either the levels of progesterone or estrogen.

Many factors can cause a bodily imbalance, such as ovulation, diet, exercise routines and stress.

Symptoms of these imbalances may include tiredness, irritability, depression, hot flashes, and anxiety. NHRT can help by restoring the body’s hormone balance to its normal levels. Some of the benefits to be gained are:

Better sleep at night: Restful sleep: studies show that estrogen can indirectly improve the quality of sleep by reducing the frequency and intensity of night sweats. Harvard researchers found that without night sweats, the women had restful REM sleep. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is the phase of sleep that is considered the deepest.

Fights osteoporosis: It has been shown from research that estrogen helps slow or even halt bone mass loss. This will be useful in the future fight against bone problems. Research has confirmed that bone loss begins long before the onset of menopause. Avoiding alcohol and exercising regularly should also help keep your bone structure in good condition.

Memory Improvement: While it is not well understood, estrogen improves brain function. It has been documented that following an estrogen boost, women feel invigorated and more alert. This in turn leads to improved output in the workplace. Also, studies done at King’s College Hospital, London found improvements in short term memory.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is tailored to each individual. This is done to achieve the right hormonal balance for the specific individual rather than applying a uniform standard for everyone. Hormonal creams applied on different parts of the body for a set duration, is one form of this therapy.

If you are going to use these creams. make sure to consult with a doctor. This is vital as it allows you to gauge the outcome of the therapy. Consult with your physician regularly to confirm that the therapy is indeed working.

With all the possible risks of using estrogen and/or progesterone drugs for hormone replacement, natural hormone replacement therapy offers a much safer alternative that is gaining in acceptance and popularity and is an alternative that most women should look into and consider.

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