Important Facts About Teeth Bleaching

It is natural for tooth discoloration or staining to take place over the years due to various reasons. Some of them include eating habits, taking certain medication and oral hygiene. If you are a victim of tooth discoloration, you can take advantage of professional teeth bleaching. This procedure seeks to improve the appearance of each tooth by using oxidizing agents such as carbamide peroxide to whiten it.

Dentists can also perform tooth whitening by placing a special gel into a tray and attaching the tray to teeth for a certain time period. After that, the tray is removed and a special light together with a special whitening agent are utilized in order to activate the chemical reaction. Stain deposits are oxidized after the whitening agent reacts with tooth enamel.

When the tooth whitening procedure is performed repeatedly, the bleach gets into the dentine layer. When complete, this process removes all the signs of discoloration and the outcome is a dazzling white smile. Dentists perform this procedure in two ways. One of them involves applying a layer of oxidizing agents to the teeth and flushing this layer away after a short period.

Generally, a 35 percent hydrogen peroxide equivalent is used to perform tooth whitening. This method is effective and the results are seen within a short period. However, it involves some risk such as soft tissue damage. This is not something to worry about if you have the procedure performed by an experienced dentist. This professional will do his or her best to ensure that your soft tissues do not get damaged.

Dentists also perform tooth whitening by placing the bleaching agent in a thin strip and attaching it on teeth. This strip is not removed in the same sitting. Dentists let patients retain it for a period of a few hours or days. This method takes a while to work but it is safe. The risk of tissue damage taking place is minimal.

Some stains such as those caused by prolonged use of antibiotics like tetracycline do not respond to whitening quickly. In this case, a person is required to undergo repeated tooth bleaching procedures so that the bleach can penetrate the dentine layer to bring out the desired effects. Newer tooth whitening procedures now involve using light to speed up the whitening effect of bleach.

The results of bleaching procedures vary from one person to another even though they are effective in getting rid of discoloration and stains. After undergoing the procedure, most people find that their teeth have become fairly sensitive. Dentists advise their patients to refrain from drinking hot or cold beverages for a certain period of time. At times, dentists provide their patients with fluoride treatment after the procedure to lessen sensitivity.

Your dental insurance policy may not cover for expenses associated with teeth bleaching. If you feel that it is too costly to use the services of a dentist for this procedure, you can purchase a tooth whitening kit from your local drug store. Tooth whitening kits are effective but you may not see the results immediately. You should therefore be patient as you use them.

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