Importance Of Well Water Testing And Contamination

If you happen to get drinking water from a well, it is advisable to get it tested by a lab to be sure if it is safe for you and your household. You do not have to get sick to know the water is not safe. Some health problems are long term and develop over years. This is due to some certain contaminants found in boreholes. Never assume that because your neighbor well is safe after testing that yours is safe too. Some factors that like underground geology and surface, construction of the borehole and the depth determines the its safety. Therefore it is advisable to have regular well water testing.

This can change seasonally in terms of quality. The heavy rains, the system running dry and refilling it as well as over time are some of the factors responsible for water change in quality. The testing is therefore vital and the got results ought to be stored for future reference. It should be noted that individuals owning a private borehole is their responsibility to ensure regular borehole test has taken place.

Safety in these water systems can be ensured by fixing cracks in the casing. There are various harmful substances that cannot be seen with naked eyes or smell even in water tasting and looking okay. The substances present are; bacteria and chemicals. They get into the well through septic systems, fertilizers seeping into the underground causing contamination to H2O beneath.

The recommended solution which is long term is to take water test on yearly basis. The contaminated H2O has various infectious diseases like dysentery, hepatitis, giardiasis and salmonellosis. The symptoms coming with these diseases include diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. The coliform bacteria testing help in accessing the harmful bacteria.

Some of the bacteria do not essentially pose to bring diseases though their existence confirms that the system is already contaminated. In case of presence of coliform, it is recommended to boil the water at first before consuming or cooking and also disinfecting the whole system. The sewage system should be maintained properly so as to reduce the probabilities of fouling the entire well.

If it happens that the results are prove of contamination, the water must not be used until the bacteria is identified and treated accordingly and after resampling ought to be done. The results pose an immediate health concern. The responsibility to ensure treatment is done before usage lies with the owner. The short term remedy to this problem is to have the H2O boiled before use

In order to be in peace and safe with your borehole, long term treatment care will be of an important value. There are numerous available ways of treatment that are up for grabs. The best method of treatment should be advised on by the local DWO on the basis of the found harm. Selection of tools for use, follow ups and maintenance are what in most situations worries the private owner.

The moment treatment is cleared it becomes important to do regular sampling so as to ensure safety standards are met. Long term measures should be aimed to do away with all the contaminants so as to ensure good health and a better life.

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