Implant Fullerton Surgeons Restore Dental Function And Create Dazzling Smiles

People who have lost a tooth or teeth through neglect, injury or by the natural aging process now have recourse to dental implant Fullerton dental expertise. They do oral implanting on a daily basis that restores full dental function, improves the face’s overall appearance and prevents skeletal instability in the jawbone.

For more than 60 years a lasting, suitable and body friendly solution has been in practice. Originally considered too costly for the average person new innovative methods and developments have made implanting less expensive.

Titanium has long been considered a wonder metal and the fact that it is totally compatible with bone makes it ideal for artificial tooth roots and posts. For the procedure to be successful a patient needs to be a non smoker, not be a diabetic and be in general good health.

Implanting is a lengthy process which could take as long as six months. However new procedures have lately been introduced that speed up the process.

Good bone height and density is essential for a successful implant. When the bone height is not correct a dentist may want to try alternative procedures. Implants may be inserted on the gum’s side or a surgeon may augment the existing bone.

With the help of x-rays dentists are guided to insert the titanium root into the vacant space left by the lost tooth’s root. Correct implanting placement prevents damage to underlying structures. Once the root is secured into the jawbone it is left to bond.

When the root has bonded titanium post is screwed into it. These posts are often embellished with zirconium abutments to add luster to the ceramic crown it will hold. Posts are suitable to hold bridges and unlike old fashioned bridges these will not damage adjacent teeth. Dentists at implant Fullerton restore complete dental function with implants that look and feel natural.

When you decide to make a dentist appointment for yourself or a loved one you want to make sure they are getting top notch care, but around Los Angeles it can be an overwhelming task because of the numerous choices, but if you want a reputable and experienced Fullerton dentist visit to find out more and perhaps even book an appointment.

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