Impact Of Conducting Prayers For Humanity

Conducting prayers for humanity has a direct impact in our lives. Humanity may be defined to mean treating other human beings in a lovely manner they deserve and with kindness. Prayers for humanity entail communicating to God to grant us the grace to treat each other with humanity so that we may inherit the kingdom of heaven one day. It also entails leaving harmoniously and loving other as we love ourselves.

The first impact it has in our lives is that through prayers we are able to ask God what we want and he is able to answer our prayers. The Bible says that God will grant us whatever we ask from him. The only way asks things from God are through prayers. The things we ask from God directly and positively affect our lives. For instance, if we as that there be peace and God answers our prayer by prevailing that peace. We are then able to interact and to coexist peacefully as we relate with each other. This is a positive impact of prayers in our lives.

The other importance is that it helps us to overcome temptation and any other times of difficulties. The intention of the devil is to destroy all human being on earth. Through praying, we are able to overcome the temptations and also to face any difficult situation with courage.

The Bible says that the struggle is not physical hence cannot be fought through physical means. The struggle is spiritual hence requires spiritual interventions. Prayer is significant in fighting such struggle. It calls for the power of God for us to be able to win the battle against Satan. Jesus taught people how to pray because of the significance of prayer in our lives. It also makes us to be close to God the creator.

Prayer is also significant as it prevents us from sinning against God. We should therefore pray to God for him to send to us Holy Spirit to always guide us in whatever we do. It is important that the Holy Spirit to guide us if we do not want to fall prey to the Satan. Human beings without Holy Spirit are very vulnerable to sinning. The Holy Spirit therefore is important in ensuring that we live a righteous life as required of us.

The fruits of the Holy Spirit also ensure that people live harmoniously. For instant, one of the fruit is love. People cannot leave peacefully unless there is love and peace amongst ourselves. Holy Spirit also enables us to forgive one another and also to be kind to those who have wronged us. Al these cultivates peaceful and harmonies coexistence of people in the society which is the intention of conducting prayers for humanity.

Prayers for humanity also enable us to forgive one another. One of the teachings of Jesus Christ was on forgiveness. Forgiving one another is therefore another impact worth mentioning. Without forgiveness people cannot leave in harmony.

All these show the impact of conducting prayers for humanity. However it is also important to note that prayers should be conducted in a quiet place. When communicating to God, there should be no any disturbance around. After praying to God, we should be patient enough to wait for the answer from Him. He may give us an answer immediately or he may tell us to wait.

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