If you want a Toronto personal trainer- looks for the following

If you are looking for a Toronto personal trainer. This article will help you tremendously

Most personal trainers are seriously unqualified and I say that because they don’t know what they are doing!

And you might ask? What if they have certificate! And I will say especially so…it is so easy to get that paper…$200 later and a little studying and you have a degree in personal training

In my opinion, anyone with such a certificate should be avoided?

Why? Wrong training information!

The powers that be have a vested in interest in showing you the wrong ting?

You say frustration is a money maker in this business. If everyone did the right thing and if these organizations shared the right information on building muscle and losing weight you would not buy

  • Supplements
  • Books
  • Hire personal trainers
  • Buy the newest gym equipment
  • Follow the next fad diet

In short with the right information in your hands you would cripple the industry and this is a billion dollar industry. So you do the guess work

So what do you rate as good in a good personal trainer?

He must have experience? (I have over 18 years0

He must have knowledge and hopefully written a book or books that is unique and actually works (my fast muscles program goes against the grain and actually works)

He must be willing to go against authority and do what is necessary for you to succeed

If you want a Toronto personal trainer- looks for the following:

  • They should be fit
  • They should be strong
  • They should know exactly what it takes to build muscle and lose fat

One thing personal trainers in Toronto always say to their clients is this “We must vary training so we can confuse a muscle”

This is laughable-there is no evidence that muscles have a brain. How can you confuse a muscle? You can’t! Muscle grows when you apply the right intensity and when you give it enough time to grow

Muscle confusion may appear to work, but it does so because you have mistakenly given the muscles stronger muscle stimulus and allowed it the time to grow. There is no such thing as muscle confusion.

And yet you will find this in every Toronto personal trainer’s arsenal.

In short, do some research a personal trainer that charges $60 an hour and puts you through the same old routine that everyone uses and that follows the rules written by the power that be is not the right personal trainer for you-not if you want to change your body fast and forever

If you are looking for a personal trainer in Toronto, contact me rob Maraby

I am the author of over 25 books on fitness and health. You can read more on my system by downloading the a free report which you will find at jamsells (at) yahoo (dot) ca with the subject personal training


Rob Maraby is the author of 25 fitness and health books and many other.toronto personal trainer articles.
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