If You Suffer From Folliculitis There Are Things You Can Do

Up to now, it has tended to afflict you largely in the summer – red, irritated patches of itchy scalp. Some years it’s been worse than others. You have never entirely known what the issue was, and it was simply by chance that it came up with the woman who was standing in for your regular hair stylist a week ago. It turns out she understood what those small irritated bumps on your scalp were straight away. “Sweetie,” she said, “that’s nothing more than a little folliculitis, ain’t not a big deal at all.”

##What is folliculitis?

Folliculitis is nothing more than an inflammation of the hair follicles caused by either a bacterial or fungal infection. Hair follicles anywhere on the body can be affected but it is often most prevalent on the scalp.

##What causes folliculitis?

There are a number of possible causes but what is most common is some sort of physical stress or trauma to the follicles themselves. Snug bandanas, hats, and sunglasses which rub the scalp excessively can often be culprits. Tight braids and ponytails can sometimes trigger it as well. Shaving too will sometimes be a cause.

##What about prevention?

The best prevention is to merely stay mindful of your hair follicles. Start treating your scalp with care if you’re susceptible to folliculitis. Wash your hair regularly in warm (not hot) water, avoid blow drying, and make sure to keep your hair brushed (but not over-brushed) to ensure that you are getting plenty of natural airflow across scalp.

##Is there a reliable folliculitis treatment?

Ultimately, if you want to treat the condition, a couple of things need to happen at the same time. First the hair follicles must be opened up and cleansed. Second, some sort of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial element must be used so as to combat the infection that is causing the actual inflammation.

Your temporary stylist suggested that you try an all natural shampoo containing zinc PCA as its active ingredient. Zinc is a powerful effective agent which clears up folliculitis very quickly. She suggested that, if you are having trouble finding such a shampoo in the stores, you look online and see what you could find there.

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