If weight gainer is used to gain muscle mass why do people say it is making them fat?

Just bought this stuff and i go to the gym everyday, not worried about gaining fat but, does it infact add muscle or increase your muscle mass? GNC Weight Gainer 2200 i believe.

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  1. lol. it has very high protein so that combined with working out should get you results..


    its whey protein, which over time builds up in your intestines, which makes your lower stomach area look fat. its not necessarily "fat", its waste that you’re not pooping out

    which i find disgusting, so i take rice protein instead of whey

  2. You need to do better research before you spend your money.

    A weight gainer in no way magically makes you gain weight, be it muscle or fat. They are dietary supplements- primarily fat, protein and sugar, with stuff like vitamins, minerals and creatine mixed in. They help provide the energy and building blocks your body needs to build new muscle. It helps make up for an incomplete diet.

    But! if you don’t use all that extra energy, your body will store it as fat. No different than eating a bunch of extra food.

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