If Somebody Can Do It Anyone Can Do It

The presupposition that “if one person can do it – anyone can do it” is one of the core beliefs of NLP. It is also one of the beliefs that anyone new to NLP regularly grapple with. When a person fails to believe it they talk lots about natural talent, superior education and more access to resources, to highlight but a small sample of their excuses.

Making excuses is a means of disempowering oneself. When you make an excuse you are in truth saying: “there is a reason which explains why I cannot do it.” What you are doing is expressing a limiting belief. And that limiting belief is limiting the power to attain what you want. You are excusing yourself from starting on the road to achieve.

Let’s start again on this small bit of NLP training – what is a belief? My definition is the same as that so classically penned by Sue Knight, “a belief is an emotionally held opinion treated as a fact that forms the foundation of your everyday decisions, talents and behaviour.”

Now, if you treat as a fact that if somebody can do it anyone can do it, and use this belief as the foundation for your thinking, feelings and actions you will be Acting As If……

And we know from many experiments that “acting as if” is an exceedingly powerful way to change our behaviours. Why don’t you just give a try to the supposition that “if someone can do it anyone can do it”?

The advantage of this exercise is that it is highly likely to exorcise at least some of your concerns about your own capacities. It may well remove one of the limiting views that has been restraining you during your life to the present day.

Just try it for a few days. Find something that somebody else can do that you’d like to be in a position to do and just try to do it yourself.

Imagine a precision instrument that records the actions, words and feelings of the best performers. Then download that data to a powerful decoder that analyses and codes the behaviour. Transfer the code to your personal control panel so that you can reproduce excellence at will. This is how NLP Techniques work. NLP Practitioner David Ferrers will show you how to build your own control panel during Business Coaching or at one of his NLP Training workshops or during NLP Practitioner Training in India.

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