Icd-10-Pcs For Customized Medical Services

Icd-10-pcs is an American system designed for medical classifications. This is specifically used for procedural coding. Pcs stands for procedure coding system. This is a set of medical procedural codes contains all the data about medical procedures performed. PCS is published by WHO to study the statistics of international medical behaviors. The system uses codes to specify each medical procedure.

These codes are specific and indicate exact condition of the patient mentioned at that time. This also indicates the procedure done at that moment on that patient. This system is very helpful to the medical industry and insurance companies can also refer these codes. The system consists of more than 68,000 codes. New codes added to this system are longer and more specific compared to old.

Clinical documentation is the essence of this particular system. Number of codes is increasing in this approach but still the precision is possible with clinical documentation. This technique also improves the quality of clinical documentation. The system particularly concentrates on improving the Excellency of the healthcare sector.

The approach enables performance based payment system in turn it increases the quality of this industry. This helps to prevent frauds that take place in medical industry. Billions of money will be lost because of frauds which takes place in healthcare industry which needs to be prevented. It is the major concern in medical billing industry also. Previous version of this system was easy to manipulate because of variable coding system.

This new technology cannot be influenced so easily because of fixed sets of codes and security. So this approach is capable to lower the frauds of this industry. Better reports generated by this technique are the added benefits. This is a core based system which keeps track of each medical activity so it is easier to fetch data easily and collectively. This also gives exact report of medical data for a huge territory.

Previous version of this system used to provide generic only information but the new one is precise and provides more detailed information about every case mentioned. This provides an effective platform for healthcare industry with perfect management of each disease. This new system is very advanced and majority of the countries are using this.

Previous version used in U. S was obsolete and made the data sharing with other countries impossible. With the newer version, U. S can share medical data with any other country which uses the same system in medical industry. This sharing makes the medical sector stronger with seamless data. This is the system with more accuracy even only few numbers of codes are implemented. ICD stands for international classification of diseases.

Icd-10-pcs is the extended version of Icd 9 with improved and effective features. This works more effectively using lower number of codes. These codes are precise and unique so that no one can change them to use for fraud activities, this system makes the insurance billing more secure and easy. Sharing between two sources is easy using this automatic interface and this gives medical industry a new option to study specific cases.

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