I unjunked my body!

Do you need a detox ?

  • Are you often tired ?
  • Do you get headaches frequently ?
  • Do you have hard time losing weight ?
  • Are you bloated or retaining water ?
  • Mental cloudiness ?
  • Is you skin getting bad ?

If you answered “Yes” to more than three questions above there is a good chance your system experience a toxic overload.

Detoxing once or twice a year is often recommended as a solution.

Every day our bodies are exposed to toxins from the water we drink, the air we breathe and especially from the processed foods we eat. If our bodies get overwhelmed with toxins, our liver suffers and we start seeing the effect on our health: our skin is affected, we get tired, we retain water, get headaches, digestion problems, bad breath and find it especially hard to loose weight.

Researches have now discovered the biological cause of those stubborn pounds: toxic particles bind water in the body’s soft tissue and inhibit your metabolism from burning fat efficiently.

It definitely makes sense that we get tired and bloated from too many toxins from our foods and from our environment, but gaining weight and retaining water are not as obvious. Well, it is now scientifically proven that detoxifying our bodies helps to lose weight too.

Less weight, a brighter cleaner skin, means a more beautiful and healthier person.

Some other benefits of detoxifying your body include increased energy, metabolism boost and mental clarity.

Conclusion: to lose weight it may be necessary to cleanse your body first.

Find out efficient ways to improve your mind and body and live a wholesome, happier life.

Specifically for body detox and colon cleanse: Master Cleanse Diet.

For calorie counter inclined: Nutritional Content Tables

Article Source:http://www.articlesbase.com/weight-loss-articles/i-unjunked-my-body-924299.html

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