I need to find an immune boosting supplement for my cat, any suggestions?

My cat keeps getting ringworm and I need to find a good supplement that will boost his immune system. He is currently in remission (lymphoma) but is still taking chemo supplement which may be contributing to his low immune system. I have found a few supplements online but don’t want to waste money on something that doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

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  1. Talk to your vet about interferon. It’s prescription only, and a bit pricey, but most who have used it have sworn by it. Much cheaper is L-lysine, which you can get from a vet or from the vitamin section of any grocery store. It works too, but not to the degree that interferon can work.

    Have you talked to the vet about Spronox for the ringworm? Much safer than the old Fulvicin, but I have no idea how that would work with his chemo for the lymphoma.

  2. Cat nip. Everywhere.

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