I need some storage ideas for over a thousand viitmin bottles and supplements and herb tinctures.?

they are all over the house and too hard to take some as they are disorganized and if I store in cabinets I can’t see the label and no room in medicine cabinet as other stuff in there. what is a good way to store them and would hold a lot in the smallest space..it is hard to find shelves that narrow and they don’t stack well. The supplements are in various size bottle s and the tinctures are brown glass bottles with eye dropper top..also nee a way to easily find what the supplement is used for..maybe a master list or something. Thanks. (ps–do not suggest throwing out if over a year old as there is tons of money invested in this stuff that I don’t take and want to start so if you can suggest a way to remember to take some of them three times a day, I would appreciate it.

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  1. annetta51 says:

    make shallow shelving from long 6 inch wide boards.
    use deck screws and assemble the boards at different heights to fit your bottle types.
    arrange the bottles according to how you want you take the
    different things. do (not) set the shelving in a sunlit area though because sunlight destroys vitamins.
    maybe you could attach the shelving inside some of your cabinet doors???
    use a cording or something so the bottles will not fall when you open the cabinets.
    there are also wire racks that you can attach to the backs of room doors or on walls. they have a lot of rows of shallow shelves and are in one piece.

  2. Joanne A. W says:

    Go to WalMart and buy several inexpensive book cases/shelves. You can put the shelves at the height you wish. Put one book case beside another book case along a wall.

  3. QwEeNLaTiNa says:

    you sound like my fiancee..he has heaps of these stuff..and well in our place he was a kitchen cabinet that is all his..and he keeps all his supplements there.
    However if you dont have space and/or dont want to do that..you can buy gift boxes and organise them in there.

    even if you need more than 1 box to put them in..just stack them on top of eachother.
    you can place the box lid under the box so that you remember what is in there, and so that you can also see what is in there.

    ( im not going to recommend throwing them out because i know they are expensive )

    you need to make a routine..like in the morning you take some of them..and then in the afternoon ..and night time..

    or just in the morning ..i dont know..that is up to you to decide.

    My fiancee takes a few in the morning..and then in the afternoon-ish.. once he has done a work out..he takes the rest of them.

    but if you’ve got a really bad memory then just set an alarm on your phone at a certain time ..and then you’ll remember when your phone alarm goes off that its time to take whatever supplements you choose to take.

    they do i think have an expiry date..so do make sure they are still alright before you take any of them.

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