How’s Memory Troubled by Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

Memory is normally affected by traumatic brain injury. When the brain experiences a striking injury, normal brain operations could become damaged because the typical neural pathways may not be capable of transmitting data as they used to be. The results on memory can range from severe to mild, and also the amount of memory recovery can differ greatly based upon the severity of the injury and the location where the actual injury happened. Because memory is normally stored in the temporal lobe, if ever the injury occurred to that portion of the brain in that case the memory recovery might be much harder. The brain is among the most complicated parts of the body to heal; even so, the brain really does manage to, in certain cases, reallocate abilities and memories to different portions of the brain following a traumatic brain injury.

Some of the types of memory loss that take place as a result of traumatic brain injury are the following:

Temporary amnesia – the victim may possibly forget incidents before the accident as well as the accident itself, though the memories might come back at a later date. This may be the result of edema, or inflammation on the brain.

Fixed Amnesia – The patient may forget about the accident and some memories or maybe abilities might be lost.

Anteretrograde amnesia – The victim may have trouble collecting memories of incidents that happen right after the event.

Recovery of memories following a traumatic brain injury can be a very hard process to undergo. In the most severe cases there may need to be therapy in order for the victim to relearn certain capabilities. In other cases memories may possibly reappear without any forewarning. There have been certain cases in which physicians think it is proper to suggest some medications which are intended for Alzheimers as well as other neurodegenerative ailments. In case you have experienced a traumatic brain injury and think that your memory loss could be serious, or possibly even worsening, then you need to contact your doctor right away and tell him just what your issues are.

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