How You Can Get On American Idol

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Here are some tips to get on American Idol. It’s really simple. You need to be real with your vocal expertise put the time in to learn how to sing. Have you had vocal coaching or lessons? The aforementioned aren’t dictated; however, coaching or lessons can be helpful to a career. So, it is not mandatory but can benefit you so that you can achieve proper technique and breathing. Ultimately, giving you extra tools in your arsenal.

I endorse vocal coaching if you can find someone who is an expert in the field and can help you. Take into account that only a hand full of the judges for the regional auditions, the pre-Idol judges, if you will, have experienced time on the “other side of the glass” as a recording artist. In reality, many of these regional judges are people with no singing talent whatsoever. Yet, most do have some sort of extensive knowledge in entertainment. So, you should appease the judges in your regional auditions. Making it beyond the regional judges can be successfully accomplished with a well thought out plan and proper song choices.

What not to do: Initially, I wouldn’t recommend going dressed in a duck outfit or painting yourself green. Don’t dress up like an idiot or you will be perceived as one. Don’t be disillusioned by that you need to stand out from the in the regional auditions by doing something brainless or dancing some disturbing dance.

Let me be honest. Making it through the regional auditions is in a way based on singing talent and also part casting by the producers of the show. You can’t be in control of the casting part. You may be a better singer than the contestant next to you but for some reason unbeknownst to you that person may get through to the next round likely because they are looking or acting quirky. If you desire your fifteen minutes of fame, then put on something crazy, and then prepare to get on TV and be back home later that night because you won’t get much further than that.

For entertainment, the show producers of the regional auditions allow several of the fruitcakey people to move through the regionals. But not many of the chosen have any staying power, if you will, and are simply advanced to the next round for entertainment value on TV.

I’ve watched these auditions from a distance for years now. If you are good and believe you have vocal talent then simply go to the auditions and display your vocal talent; but, I’ll warn you, you’ll only have ten to twenty seconds to sing. So be prepared to “turn it on” as soon as the regional judges say go and don’t get bogged down by telling the regional judges your life story about how your kitten inspired you to audition. Just do your thing.

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