How would I explain to an older adult why maintaining muscle mass is important?

I am not sure how to explain why muscle mass is important to my grandparents. I want them to do strength training in order to keep their muscle but how can I explain it to them in simpler terms? Please help!

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  1. If your grandparents are concerned about it just tell them that using their muscles helps keep their bones strong which helps them not break something…strong muscles help them keep their balance better. Good muscle mass makes a difference in how the lungs and heart work. Good muscle mass reduces likelihood of using a cane, walker or wheelchair. Good muscle mass means they won’t be as dependent on others when they grow older and older. It will allow them to maintain their independence from others having to help them shower,
    shop, or clean house. Good muscle mass will mean they will have the strength they need to take care of any pets they might have, pick up and hug their grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. Good muscle mass helps burn fat calories efficiently and reduce too much weight gain — it is okay for older people to have some extra fat on them.

    If your grandparents are not concerned about these things and it is you who is worried. You might want to respect their position and let them live the life they wish to live. Hopefully you will live as long as they do and will want to live how you wish regardless of how you grandchildren feel about your lifestyle.

  2. just say muscle turns to fat if u stop working out

  3. Looking For a Reason says:

    You’s needs bigs muscles

  4. paintedhorse30 says:

    Do you think your grandparents are stupid? They are much smarter than you. MUCH. Just tell it to them straight. Whether or not they want to do strength training is up to them NOT you.

  5. talk to them abut the things you enjoy doing with them…
    what are they? like going for walks or fishing or cooking.
    you want them to be able to continue to do things with you
    that you enjoy. and yes, they are much smarter than you.
    start from there.

  6. BITBoston says:

    Tell them that it’ll put:
    – less stress on their heart
    – less chances of ligament sprains
    – less chances of back pains
    – they’ll be able to do active daily tasks easier (eg: picking up an item)
    – increase circulation to their extremities (feet, hands, knees)
    – the list goes on and on
    – exercising in general can actually put people in better moods in general

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