How Women Can Benefit From Kegel Exercise

With kegel exercise, you can experience a more comfortable pregnancy. If done properly, these exercises can help your pregnancy go much more smoothly by strengthening your vaginal muscles. Additionally, when you go through childbirth, your pelvic muscles can become weakened. This may cause you to have issues with bladder control. You can work to prevent this by doing kegels.

In order to locate the right muscles to exercise, imagine the feeling of trying to stop in the middle of urinating. Those muscles that you use to stop are your PC muscles. To do these exercises, you just squeeze those muscles and then release them. It’s really that easy. Plus, you can do them without anyone ever knowing. Just remember to keep breathing throughout the exercises.

For the first few weeks following the birth of your baby, try not to do too much kegel exercise. If you overdo it you could become very sore. Just limit yourself to three sets of ten each day.

There are other benefits to doing these exercises that are unrelated to your pregnancy. They can actually work to improve your sex life quite a bit! This is because of the fact that the muscles in your pelvic floor are directly responsible for how much sensation you are able to feel when you are having sex. These muscles also affect how much grip is felt by your partner. Kegels improve muscle tone in this area and make it tighter and the effect is that it is stretched more by an erect penis. Plus, when muscles are strong and firm, they have more nerve endings. The more nerve endings that you have in this area, the more sensations you will feel during sexual intercourse.

The exercises also improve circulation to that area. When this occurs in the smaller muscles in your pelvic floor, you will see a difference in the way you experience sex. This is due to the fact that those are the muscles that are responsible for engorging the clitoris at the time when you become aroused.

The rhythmic contraction of the PC muscles directly contributes to a woman’s arousal, as well as her ability to easily achieve an orgasm. Many women have a much easier time reaching orgasm after doing kegels, and they also report that their orgasms become much more powerful after they have been doing these exercises on a regular basis.

If all of this sounds wonderful to you, then by all means do not wait to get started doing these exercises. It can take up to 12 weeks of doing these exercises on a regular basis to see obvious results. For this reason, you should get started as soon as possible in order to begin seeing all of the benefits that these amazing exercises have to offer you. It does require a certain amount of patience, but the exercises do bring results, so don’t give up too soon or you will be missing out on all of the possible benefits that kegel exercise can offer.

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