How Vocational Nurses Can Become a BSN

By gaining admittance to an accredited LVN to BSN program, Licensed Vocational Nurses in California and Texas are able to improve their career prospects significantly. In addition to dramatically raising the nurse’s earning possibilities, a BSN degree additionally enables its recipient to become a RN. Best of all, these popular bridge programs can usually be studied online in only four semesters as the LVN is working.

The Meaning of a BSN

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, or BSN, is essentially identical to a conventional degree in nursing. Among RNs, those that hold a BSN degree tend to be entrusted with additional responsibility, earn higher salaries (in California, the average BSN is paid more than $80,000 annually), and get greater opportunities for growth.

LVN to BSN Programs – How to Be a BSN

Regardless of whether you’re currently an LVN or an RN, it is possible to become a BSN by enrolling in and completing a LVN to BSN bridge program. Admission requirements for the majority of programs in California call for students to be a previously licensed vocational nurse or RN, have evidence of at least one year experience working as an LVN or RN, and hold a degree or certification from an accredited LVN or RN program. Many programs have additional requirements for letters of recommendation, minimum GPAs in previous classes, and bare minimum scores on standardized entry exams.

The typical material included in LVN to BSN programs involves both nursing principles and clinical study, and is generally completed in just two years (or four semesters). Since quite a few health care facilities prefer to place BSNs in management positions, the majority of programs also focus most of their course load on the skills needed in such roles.

For LVNs, finishing their accredited bridge program qualifies them to sit for the NCLEX-RN test that’s required to become an RN.

Online LVN to BSN Programs

As the bulk of students who enroll in bridge programs are employed full-time, it is quite typical for LVN to BSN programs to be given online. While web-based LVN programs in California require some level of clinical work to finish, classes for BSN bridge programs may be completed completely online.

Should You Become a BSN?

Any fast internet search on the subject of becoming a BSN will give you numerous conflicting views from those who work in the nursing field. There’s validity to the point that BSNs don’t always make more than RNs when they initially complete their college degree, but it is also true that they have far more opportunities for advancement offered to them. Climbing higher up the career ladder, and reaping greater monetary rewards come with this advancement as well as the freedom to shape your own personal work conditions.

The decision of whether to earn a BSN is a personal one, and the extra commitment and cost necessary to pursue a higher degree isn’t for everybody. You should think about, however, the fact that there is a growing sentiment in the nursing industry for making BSN degrees a requirement for all RNs. Whatever tomorrow holds, completing an LVN to BSN program is sure to open new doors for anybody contemplating a long-term career in nursing.

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