How to Use the Power of Visualization to Control and Conquer Anger

Visualization is not idle wishing or daydreaming. It is a practical method to discover and achieve all you want from life. Visualization trains your mind to focus on what you truly want, and helps in marshalling all your available resources, which may be used for the accomplishment of your objective.

This article explores and explains the Power of Visualization and suggests a practical technique to overcome anger and reinforces the belief and confidence in us that any problem of any size or magnitude can be conquered.

We all get angry sometimes due to something or the other. Most of the time we become victims of our own anger. Our anger leads us to say or do something that we repent later. It causes harm to us as well as to others to whom we direct our anger.
The following visual sequence will not only control your anger, but also motivate you to turn things around.

Picture your anger as a ball of fire next time when you are angry. The angrier you are, the bigger is the ball of fire. It can be as big as football or even the size of a mountain. Picture the ball of fire as big as your anger.

Notice the distance of the ball of fire from you. If it is too closer to you, put it away at a safer distance. Now, inspect the ball of fire carefully. Do you see the flames dancing around it? What is the color of the flame? Do you feel the heat of your anger? Does it make you sweat?

Anger makes us feel helpless over a situation. You feel helpless because all your power becomes centered around your anger. You feel it like a fiery lump, burning you head and heart. The idea is to picture this lump, and take back the power that it has taken from you.

Command the ball of fire to return back all the power it has taken from you. If you get no response, then demand from it. You might see a ball of pure gold smaller than the ball of fire emerge from the flames. Command it to go to either your head or your heart.

Do you feel the power in your heart? Do you feel the power return back to your head? Good! Sometimes, just separating the power from your anger makes the flames of anger die.

But, if there is any flame left in the ball of fire, roll it out mentally to a large reservoir of water. It may take a lake. Or it might even be an ocean.

Now, push the angry ball of fire into the water. Do you hear the hiss of the ball of fire when it meets water? See the white cloud of steam that arises. Slowly, the hissing sound subsides. The steam disappears. The angry ball of fire disappears completely. You have drowned your anger. And you have done it without harming yourself or others.

On the other hand, you have taken the power away from your anger and kept it with you. You are now POWERFUL.

In fact you are VERY VERY POWERFUL. Use your Power to your advantage.

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