How to Use Freeze Dried Food To Your Convenience

Freeze dried food is available at most sports stores as well as emergency preparedness suppliers online. It is freeze dried in order to increase shelf life, and with some packages can last for more than 30 years if unopened. In order to understand how to use freeze dried food it will help if you understand a bit about how it is processed.

Freeze dried food first came on the market when NASA needed to send food with the Astronauts to space. They found that by lowering the temperature of the food to a certain degree in a chamber where the barometer pressure was very low, the food would freeze and dry at the same time. Because of the drying and freezing process, pockets where left in the food similar to a sponge that would then allow rehydration very similar to food that was not processed at all. Basically, they froze the food, then lowered the barometric pressure, and added heat. The water would then go directly to a gas state removing all liquid from the food.

Most of the packages of of this type of food will give directions as to how to reconstitute them. Some may need cooking after reconstitution such as pork chops and beef patties but others will be, add hot water and wait about 10 minutes. Many of the packages are actually easier to prepare than regular food and will taste just as good. It has all the vitamins and nutrients a person will need and can be completely ready to eat in 10 minutes. For those busy people looking for quick meals on the go, organic freeze dried food is a great choice.

The hardest part is going to be getting hot water, which of course, can come directly from the tap, heated on your cooking appliance or micro waving. The process of freeze drying allows the food to retain all texture, smells, as well as nutrient value of food freshly prepared. Some people prefer freeze dried food to those foods that are canned or frozen in a traditional manner.

The long shelf life is due to the process of packaging the food and then storing it in can that has a ceramic coating. Some of the types is packaged to eat within a year or so and others are packaged specifically for emergency preparedness. This ceramic coating protects the can from oxygen and moisture, which can deteriorate the can itself, which of course would be detrimental to the food inside.

Many of the cans of food such as this have been opened after 33 years of storage and found to be safe. It’s surely rather simple to realize how to use freeze dried food, it’s just a matter of adding water, stir and enjoy. Seek out more tips about freeze dried diet food at:

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