How To Upgrade Your Home With Home Spas

The customary way to start the day is with a bath or shower. In the morning it is invigorating and at the end of the day it is a most calming way to unwind from the fatigue of the day. This can be turned from a daily mundane ritual to a lovely experience akin to that one gets in with the installation of home spas.

The main item needed for this is a hot tub. To create a home spa, it will take an upgrade from the standard tub to a hot tub. There are different types of them each with its own features. There are four types to choose from. One is the inflatable or plastic spa. It is the least costly option and is portable so it can be in the bathroom or out on the deck if there is space for a spa. It can be put away when not in use. It is often made of plastic, vinyl or nylon. Its shortcomings are that it is not very durable and water temperatures drop quite fast. It is also not as attractive as the other options.

Another option is above-ground acrylic spas. These are placed on the surface and they resemble conventional tubs but they have extras like connection to an electrical outlet that swirls and turns the water. Some also have jets that shoot off water from the sides. They are a more sturdy option and are quite affordable.

The other option is wooden tubs. They are made using sturdy wood such as redwood, cedar or teak. These woods are also fragrant and their scent rises up every time the tub is filled with hot water. These are also placed on a firm surface and they may draw power from a gas, wood or electric heat source. They require frequent maintenance to preserve the wood and can last long with good care.

The top choice is an in-ground spa. These are sunk into a space in the ground that is hollowed out to accommodate it. Plumbing and electrical wiring are done to connect it to a power source. These hot tubs are made of standard concrete or gunite which is pneumatically applied concrete. The area around it can be adorned with decorative tiles.

Most of these tubs come with a seating arrangement like benches or step- type seats. These are the most costly option but they are well worth it for their ability to heat up faster, retain the heat and the aesthetic value they add. They also raise the financial value of a home.

There is a new debonair entry in the market and it is the hot tub entertainment system. It has a large sized tub, integrated digital entertainment systems in the form of TV, a stereo and DVD player. It also has fiber optic lighting and LED lighting. It gives an all-inclusive body experience including a hydro massage via the side vents that jet out water at particular angles.

Whichever kind of spas London Ontario you choose, you can enhance the experience with lighting that can be dimmed. Soaking in a tub surrounded by glowing candles is very relaxing. Thick, plush towels and bathing robes are another nice addition and so are some fragrant bath salts and gels. Getting home to relax in the spa bathroom will become the favorite part of the day.

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