How To Reverse MS By Following The Paleo Diet

Multiple Sclerosis is a debilitating, chronic disease that affects the nervous system of the brain and the spinal cord. The human body’s nerve cells contain an insulating layer along the outside called myelin, and the disease attacks the myelin, causing it to malfunction and the nerves to misfire. New technology and research has determined that it may be possible in some cases to reverse MS by following a specific diet and with vitamin therapy.

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis can vary, but generally include neurological problems, such as with balance and gait. This can include problems with vision, muscle tone, spasms and tightness of the muscles. There are also cognitive, or mental types of problems that can occur, including depression or mood disorders. The most common sign is a loss of muscle tone, numbness and issues with walking.

Due to research and studies, some people are trying a new approach to dealing with the myriad of symptoms of this terrible disease. Drastic changes in diet, mainly by following the Paleo Diet, which involves eating only organic, grass-fed and whole foods, nothing processed or with any kind of additives. Fresh-caught fish without additives or growth stimulation processes is also part of the plan.

The Paleo Diet may help by supplying larger amounts of the essential B vitamins, which can help protect the nervous system and the immune functions of the body. This type of diet is also high in iodine and Omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential to cell growth and regeneration.

Vitamin therapy, especially dosing with Vitamin D have shown some improvements in the MS patient. An interesting study also showed a predisposition for multiple sclerosis among females, especially those born while their mothers were pregnant in the winter, getting less sunshine and therefore less Vitamin D. Those babies born to mothers who were exposed to sunshine, like in the summer months, tended to have fewer instances of MS. The closer the patient lives to the equator seems to make a difference, also, in the instances of MS in the general population.

Removing substances that aren’t natural from the diet may help relieve symptoms or prevent the disease from occurring. The one substance that gets the most negative attention is Aspartame, which is an artificial sweetener found in many diet products, like sodas. This harmful ingredient has been shown to cause damage to brain cells and other cells in the body by breaking them down.

It is not just Aspartame which is killing off brain cells, it includes all substances that are not natural that are introduced into the body in the modern diet. Preservatives, colors and flavorings that are in everyday food can cause damage and eliminating these from the diet as much as possible may help to reverse the damage in a number of patients.

While changing the environmental elements and eliminating processed foods may help reverse MS, it is not a cure-all. But it may help to alleviate some of the debilitating symptoms and life changes that come with such a damaging disease. Some of these changes may prove to be easier than others. Simply getting outside in the natural Vitamin D-enhanced sunshine may benefit the body all the way around.

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