How To Relieve Severe Constipation

In fact, constipation is just an inability to pass faeces which has accumulated in the colon or just passing hard. It is uncomfortable condition suffered by millions of people from all over the globe.

You have to know that there are a lot of causes of constipation, but in itself it is not a serious condition and thus it could be easily remedied with some changes in diet. It is necessary to mention that the constipation could be caused by not eating enough fiber or not drinking enough fluids. But as well, constipation can be caused by some medications.

But still the common cause for constipation is insufficient amount of fiber in the diet. Fruits, green vegetables, seeds and nuts are main sources of fiber in the diet. You have to know that changing the diet will not bring you immediate results. In fact, it will take about three weeks or month to reach the proper results.

If you want to prevent or treat constipation, then you have to avoid fatty and sugary foods, foods made with white flour, carbonated and soft drinks, alcohol and sweets. It is important to boost the water intake, but at the same time you have to avoid tea and coffee because of their coffering content. You have to know that they add nothing to the overall intake of fluids since the caffeine content helps dehydration as well as slows down the evacuation of accumulated faeces.

In fact, yoghurts can help increase the bowel movements. As well, regular exercises could be very useful. However, there are some people who do all right things to prevent constipation, but still suffer from this medical condition. This is referred to idiopathic constipation and could be attributed to an under-active bowel and considered normal for such people. As well, it is referred to as functional or main constipation and in most cases stay with the individual throughout the whole life.

Constipation is a big problem for many people. No wonder that the issue of how to relieve constipation is quite widespread. So, if you suffer from chronic constipation, check out this constipation remedies site.

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