How to prevent Colon Cancer

The reason for having colon cancer survival rates is to give us a number that represents each nation and each individual as well as to some answers to some questions.For us to able to get a grip of the colon cancer, it is advisable to see some of the colon cancer prevention, to know what to do in the right time .One of the most basic part of colon cancer prevention is screening. If you think you already have the symptoms that indicates that presence of polyps, colonoscopy procedure and having them removed may reduce the chance of developing the disease .

In the transverse colon, it’s about 59% and if it’s in the descending colon, it’s about 63% . (The patient’s percentage who, after their diagnosis, lives 5 years more is covered on the 5-year colon cancer survival rate).There is also this Computed Tomographic Colonography as part of the colon cancer prevention, in which it makes a detailed picture of the colon to make the Doctor look for polyps .

In the time where African-Americans were diagnosed with colorectal cancer, an estimate of 7,000 African-Americans die from the disease . Maintaining a healthy diet, stop smoking and keeping an active lifestyle contributes to your well-being and decrease the incidence of other risk factors .If you are having trouble over having the proper diet, a suggestion includes having five servings of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains a day or fiber, calcium and folic acid .

But it could be also be sourced from the colorectal screenings . Typically, around the world, the earlier colon cancer is detected, the easier for it treat .In at least half an hour, include exercise in your daily routine and reduce radiation exposure .The concern for colon cancer disease made the society vulnerable, that it helped them research on introducing a vaccine that is designed to ramp up the immune system to recognize abnormalities and initiate attack .

Remember that prevention is the foundation, by eating the right foods, proper screening and a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, with the add-on of immunity in some regions; you can reduce the family’s risk for cancer .Do not lose hope because researchers revealed that moderate exercise can highly improve the colon cancer survival rates .Colon cancer survival rates also depends on what point it is diagnosed .

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