How To Prevent Cellulite – Several Great Tips

What is a word that can cause widespread fear and loathing in women all around the globe? Although images of spiders, snakes as well as bad dates might spring to mind, an even more common fear exists – cellulite! The unsightly wrinkling of skin around your hips, thighs and buttocks is experienced by most post-pubescent women. Although you can’t completely eliminate cellulite, you can empower yourself to lessen the condition.

If you want to know how to prevent cellulite, you have to inform yourself of the various methods available.

The cosmetics industry has been more than happy to make the most of this widespread condition by providing an endless number of products targeted at fighting cellulite. Anti-cellulite creams, lotions or gels are now obtainable in most department stores and the majority of cosmetic companies now offer products specially targeted to reduce cellulite. For instance, Hydroderm has created a product called “Body Shape” which increases moisture towards the skin. The active ingredients of the lotion are delivered into the fat cells in order to dehydrate and reduce how big the individual fat cells. The prices and results vary greatly so you will have to invest just a little time to find out if the products actually do produce visible results.

An option that requires a little more effort, but greatly improves your odds of good success is weight and interval training. Interval training includes alternating between a recovery or slower pace along with a faster high-exertion pace of exercises. Fitness instructors recommend performing vigorous interval training at least twice each week. Weight lifting sessions should also be integrated into your weekly routine – especially exercises targeted for the lower body such as squats, leg presses and lunges. Regular cardiovascular exercise will help you to burn extra calories and transform body fat into energy, thus minimizing the appearance of cellulite.

Another alternative is to adopt a healthier diet. Try to lessen the quantity of refined carbohydrates and fatty foods you consume. Trade unhealthy choices such as white flour, vegetable oil and junk food for healthier options such as fruits, vegetables and whole grain products. With a little patience, you might start to see a visible decrease in cellulite within 3 weeks.

If you prefer a faster solution to reducing cellulite, you are able to opt for liposuction. This medical procedure involves taking out the pockets of excess fat from specific parts of your body. You have to remain conscious of the risks involved, as well as the price and pain. For women who are not prepared to take this task, therapeutic massage is available. This non-invasive method increases blood flow and assists using the removal of excess fluid. The procedure is less painful, risky and costly than liposuction, but may require multiple sessions.

Although you can’t completely eliminate cellulite, you are able to empower yourself to reduce the condition. Make changes to your exercise routine or diet, try a few of the creams or lotions available, undergo liposuction or invest in massage therapy. Hopefully the end results will allow you to don your short skirts and bathing suits with a renewed pride.

Hope that helps.

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