How to Patch up with your Spouse after Ending an Affair

Ending an affair is not a simple thing to do. But so does repairing a relationship. The true spouse you’re committed to, deserves a life without lies and secrets. If you have torn the loyalty that your partner once thought you had, you must do something to get that trust back. To quote Lady Gaga, she said, “Trust is like a mirror. You can fix it if it’s broke. But you can still see the crack in the…reflection.” So never expect to catch your spouse’s affection instantly. It may take a couple of months to fix what you’ve broken. So here are a couple of ways on how to repair a broken relationship.

Ending an Affair Tip #1: Do It Slowly

You may have guessed it right. Your spouse may not be ready to return to your arms. If you realized that they are still the one you want to stay with at the end of the day, then you must make them feel your real intentions. Start by engaging in a deep conversation with them. Tell them how you really feel. Don’t force him or her to start again if they are not prepared. Once you come to point when he or she is ready to take things seriously again, move on to the next step.

Ending an Affair Tip #2: Do Sweet Things

You always get someone’s attention if you start giving them a genuine affection. Show your spouse the love you didn’t give him or her. It may not be expensive gifts. You can give her flowers, give them a massage, or tell them good jokes.

Ending an Affair Tip #3: Take Your Spouse on a Journey

There is no other way to best bring two people back together more than a trip far away. A journey eases out your stress as you see places that you’ve never seen before. Once the two of you find the peace and quiet you need, you can then try to restore the vows you’ve made together.

Ending an Affair Tip #4: Give them some Hug

Scientists have shown that when you hug a woman for more than 20 seconds, her brain releases the hormone oxytocin that gives her a sense of trust to the person who hugged her. She may probably trust you. For men on the other hand, it simply shows how you still care for them. Your warmth will entice them back to your arms.

Ending an Affair Tip #5: Make Your Decision

Is your spouse finally who you want? If you are sure this person is the one you want to spend forever with, stick to being loyal to them. You cannot hurt your spouse for your own gratification.

Marriage is a sacred thing. You do not just go into a committment without thinking of it clearly. Just remember that ending an affair does not mean ending only your current relationship. It means ending all possible affairs.

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