How to Manage Panic Attacks When Socializing

Did you know that you can prevent panic attacks? Thousands of people experience heightened levels of anxiety and even suffer from a panic attack during a social event, have difficulty socializing, and are nearly to the point that they will stop creating new relationships because of their fear. What you may not realize is that this fear is linked to having a panic attack, and is not because of the situation, place or event itself. It is a fear that feeds itself on the anxiety of having an anxiety attack!

You will be relieved to find out that though you may suffer from panic attacks on a regular basis, there are proven and natural cures that will help you stop anxiety, even if you are confronted with a highly stressful social situation where you might have to perform or make a speech. It is easy to learn some of the self-help techniques, and you will not only reduce anxiety, but it will help you get less shy, improve your state of mind plus effectively lower your risk of having a panic attack.

One of the most common traits of people with panic disorder and anxiety problems is that they worry excessively about making a mistake in front of other people. This creates feelings of apprehension and overwhelm before the individual has even entered the social setting. In order to reduce anxiety and panicky feelings in this situation, the person can prepare by doing some research about the area, learning about who will be attending the event, and visualize a positive outcome.

By thinking positive, you can reduce and even prevent panic attacks from happening. The mind is very powerful and getting caught in a cycle of negative thinking will lead to undue stress over a situation that has not even occurred and might not even occur. Fears are guided by thought, not reality. To overcome this challenge, a person must think more positively to get the right mind set and insecurities will be placed aside. Try to find quotations and sayings that will encourage you and help build up your confidence.

Deep breathing techniques are another effective strategy for preventing panic attacks and lowering feelings of anxiety in an uncomfortable situation. For many people, fear setting in can cause an increase in heart rate and trigger shallow breathing. Breathing deeply helps the individual break out of this cycle and increases oxygen to the brain, which in turn reduces anxiety.

It has been proven that positive visualization techniques are quite effective in reducing anxiety and prevent the occurrence of a panic attack. Many people who have learned how to visualize positive mental images have become more confident when faced with a social event or any other kind of similar situation that they usually avoid because of their fears. Though this strategy works, you need to give it time and patience.

Learning how to manage social situations can be one of the most challenging parts of living with a panic disorder and managing panic attacks. However, there are several ways you can reduce the risk of having a panic attack in front of other people and get over the phobia of attending social gatherings and events. Employ some of these techniques and strategies to prevent panic attacks in social settings so you can start enjoying a better quality of life.

If you have ever suffered from panic attack when planning holidays or traveling, there is hope. Powerful non-pharmaceutical techniques are emerging to help you to free yourself from the unsettling thoughts that can lead to a panic attack.

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