How To Make Protein Shake Recipes That Children Will Love

It is not uncommon to see adults drinking protein shakes. Yes, we put up with the gritty texture and unpleasant aftertaste to get the protein that we know we need. On the other hand, give a kid a “normal” protein shake and they will probably not drink it. For kids, you need a protein shake that tastes great.

Is there one secret ingredient that makes a protein shake kids friendly? Well no, not an ingredient, but there is one key element – the protein shake has to taste great. A protein shake for kids that taste bad is a protein shake that will get dumped down the drain when the kids don’t eat it. Step 1 in a protein shake recipe for kids is to make it taste great.

How do you make a protein shake for kids taste great? You need to include some fruits that have some sugar and a strong taste, this will mask the protein. Kids tend to love bananas and strawberries, so those are good core ingredients to include in any protein shake recipe for kids.

You are probably wondering now, this all sounds fine, but how do I get the protein into the shake? Good question. Most people just add Whey Protein powder to the shake and try to get the kids to drink it. Kids hate whey protein powder! It is gritty and a terrible aftertaste. There is a much better way to get protein into the shake and kids will love it.

If you want to make a protein shake that the kids will actually drink, you should look into getting the Perfect Plant Protein. This protein powder is 100% Organic, has no animal products and most importantly tastes great. Simply add a scoop to a shake recipe and you have a protein shake the kids will love.

Want an example of a great protein shake recipe for kids? Check out the Protein Packed Mango Lassi For Kids. Do a search on Google and you should find a cute video of some kids making and drinking a protein shake. It is basically just yogurt, mango juice and Perfect Plant Protein. Simple, but a great example of a protein shake recipe that kids will love.

Hopefully you now know the important elements in making a protein shake recipe that the kids will love. Keep things sweet, simple and use a good protein powder without a gritty feel. Of course, every child is different, so experiment and find a recipe that works for you. In no time, you will be a protein shake chef!

Rebecca Klooty reports on health related topics on her blog, which can be viewed here. She has performed research on numerous protein shake recipes for kids.

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