How To Make Perfect Microwaveable Heated Neck Wraps

Overworked muscles of the neck is a common problem among individuals who undergo physical exertion or suffer from stress. In such situation the use of heated neck wraps can be quite beneficial as it helps to relieve such pain. Instead of using electric heat pads its better to use microwavable ones as there is less danger of overheating the muscles.

If you don’t prefer buying such things then an appropriate solution would be to make one of your own. In order to do so, you will need suitable fabric. It is not a good idea to use materials like satin or silk as they can easily get heated and in severe circumstances may also catch fire. Materials that are fit for the purpose include flannel, fleece, cotton or denim. You also have the option to recycle some of your old garments.

Make sure the garment size is enough to be wrapped around your neck comfortably. The cloth length should neither be too short nor too long otherwise it won’t be fit for the purpose. Similarly the width should be enough to cover the whole area, anything wider than that will be quite uncomfortable.

Next part is to choose an appropriate filling to put inside the wrap. As the wrap is sock shaped which means you can fill something inside and then seal it so that when you heat it in the microwave the filling is capable enough to retain heat for a few hours. You can use raw beans, rice, oatmeal or any other type of dry seeds. You also have the choice to add some other natural aromatic ingredients like dried lavender which will add a very relaxing scent to your neck wrap.

Select the relevant ingredients and then mix them together vigorously. Leave the mixture as it is for up to 24 hours or even more so that the aromatic smell blends in with the filling. Adding a few drops of oil including almond oil, olive oil or peppermint oil can prove to be an excellent solution. Other ingredients such as cardamom, cinnamon, rose petals and cloves can also be used for the same purpose.

Afterwards pour the filling inside the wrap and then seal then ends of it in a perfect way. Do not over stuff the wrap instead, make it very light so that the filling has got ample amount of space to float around. A stiff wrap will not do any good for you. You can either stitch it by hand or use sewing machine.

Once the sewing is done, your neck wrap is ready to use. You could use a single wrap for multiple number of times but it is better to replace the contents and wash the outer layer after every six months or so. It also depends on how frequently you use it because if you use it more often then its advisable to replace it within 3 months.

It can be said that heated neck wraps are quite beneficial for all those people who are affected by conditions like neck pain and other similar problems. Its extremely advisable that you make it yourself rather than buying from a retailer as it will help you to save some money.

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