How To Lose Weight With A High Protein Diet

High protein diets are very popular these days and today we’ll show you how to lose weight effectively using this strategy. You do not need to be a personal trainer to figure out your ideal fat shredding diet, despite the large confusion out there.

One of the biggest concerns when looking at a high protein diet is the effect it has on your long-term health. This is because so many fad diets over the years have used this technique incorrectly and given it a bad reputation. Using the latest science, you can easily work out how to do this right.

For decades now, it has been widely believed that a high protein diet would be terrible for your kidneys. This is because they would find it hard to process the volume of protein being consumed and, as a result, run into long-term problems. However, studies at the University of Indiana recently discovered that individuals consuming a high protein diet were at no greater risk than those eating the recommended daily amount.

In fact the main reason those old diets were never successful in the long run is their carbohydrate count. The decision to intake more protein was perfectly fine, despite the myths which surrounded the topic back then, but the decision to cut carbohydrates from the daily diet was terrible. This resulted in quick weight loss followed by a period of rapid weight gain, usually resulting in the participant ending back where they started.

While low carb diets are perfectly acceptable, no carb diets are unsafe.. Do not make the mistake of presuming that carbohydrates and fats are the enemy to your goals. Your body needs all three of the major nutrients and it is physically impossible to enjoy long-term success if you cut any of them out completely.

If you want to try using a high protein diet you should combine it with a few other important fat loss rules. These include regular exercise, a good variety of foods and plenty of sleep. You can use supplements such as whey protein to increase your daily intake of this nutrient if you wish, as it means you won’t be constantly preparing food. [

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The following information will help you to establish your daily eating targets:

* 1.2g protein per lb of body weight (that’s the weight you actually want to be, by the way).

* Your carbohydrate intake should be around 0.5g per pound of body weight.

* 0.5g fats per lb of body weight.

This would provide your body with the necessary nutrients to function throughout the day while also supporting lean muscle tissue as you lose weight. That’s an important step to consider, because you’ll often hear people cutting their carbohydrate intake without increasing their protein intake and then wondering why they lose muscle instead of fat.

You do not need to be a qualified personal trainer or nutritionist to learn how to lose weight safely. The trouble is there’s so much confusion caused by conflicting opinions and theories that most people get lost. Base your routine on scientific fact and you’ll find it easier in the long run.

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