How To Lose Weight Fast – Like 20 pounds in 3 weeks!

By – See how to lose weight fast (at least 20 pounds) before your wedding, high school reunion or trip to the beach. After seeing how to lose weight fast – Please go to http so you’ll better understand how to do this weight loss diet plan to lose weight fast and remember… After you lose weight fast – you’ll need to go back on a permanent weight loss diet plan to keep the weight you lost off forever so you can use my permanent weight loss calculator here: and …

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  1. princesshottie72 says:

    I think I agree. It seems pretty convincing.

    What did you do to lose 5 in 10?
    That’s EXACTLY how much weight I want to lose in a week.

    Please reply to me in message.
    I would LOVE to hear how it worked for you!


  2. iZYintoxication says:

    This is horrible!! You shouldn’t starve yourself!!

  3. babyballoongirl says:

    Do you eat directly after you eat the 2 raw vegetables and drink the whey protein drink, or do you wait 20 minutes and then try eating?

  4. dm7freak11 says:

    what did you do?

  5. christiana107 says:

    i think it does work,its mostly just hard work and preseerverance. I did something similar and lost about 5 pounds in 1 week

  6. jungleman186 says:


  7. Italiangangst3r says:

    ok sounds good, and is that acai berry stuff true?

  8. jungleman186 says:

    keep all your meals but listen to what the vid says eat 300 calories if your 8-10, 4-7 eat 200 calories 1-3 eat 150 calories but make sure it is all good for your body

  9. Italiangangst3r says:

    alrite, how bout if i drop lunch, but have a healthy snack???

  10. jungleman186 says:

    you should mix it up and eat breakfast
    breakfast is the most important meal and especially if you workout you have to have breakfast and load up on protein

  11. clyde2525 says:

    i eat whatever i want……and workout really hard in the gym…………….and my physique is pretty damn good

  12. Italiangangst3r says:

    this isnt healthy, but what i do is i dont eat breakfast, a really small lunch, and not eat til dinner… and i got results in a week, but i still take vitamins and stuff…

  13. lilkasper33 says:

    you Can Drink Water Becuze Protien Is not Really Gunna Get You Hydrayted.

  14. does this reslly work??

  15. klydekyleproduction2 says:

    well i eat 2 or 3 times a day,
    on the morning (10:00a.m)
    on the evening (5:00p.m or 7:00p.m).
    and sometimes eat on (10:00p.m)————-cause i get hungry sometimes.
    on (10:00a.m) i always buy mango tea~everyday i mean~

    on (7:00p.m) i sometimes drink orange juice.

    i excercise on thursdays i go for a 1h 30min taekewondo traning.

    thats what i do everyday and im not so sure i will lose weight on what im doing. and i belive i wont.

  16. petetang1985 says:

    yes ur so right eating whole foods, unprocessed is the best. i think this way with the shakes and fruits is great if ur just looking for a temporary weight loss solution. ive loss weight from this paln but im kepping it of now by just eating proteins like lean meats, fish, almonds and i eat fruit and oats and pastas sometimes, mixing it up with lots of daily water plus do hitt cardio and weight training, i think this is more sensible and healthier long term

  17. itslaurencenikkuh says:

    I found slimfast meal replacement bars help me get a six pack and lose weight fast. They replace breakfast and lunch instead of meals. all this tips helped me. (:

  18. ZombiePanda285 says:

    ahh, clever! it makes sense! =)
    i’ve gotta try this out! i don’t know about the weight loss pills though. i was kind of planning on not using them. 😡

  19. twilightshadow134 says:

    if u use cleanses pills for ur body does that help?

  20. aliyahlili says:

    i thought you were supposed to drink room temperature water because your body is hot in side and your not supposed to drink super cold stuff because it shocks your body

  21. oKidJokero says:

    i will start this tomorrow

  22. kyleekowgirl says:

    so whats the best foods to eat? Or….. Whatever…..?

  23. 5’7”

  24. XxXbabydreamerXxX says:

    do you really need whey protein or cani drink tea or water??

  25. Gearsofmusic says:

    so many proteins and pills i can come by the protein but not by the fat burner

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